Śani Yoga

Class Descriptions

All-Levels 60-Minutes:

Suitable for everyone, beginners to advanced! This is a flow-style class that helps build strength and increased flexibility.


A slow paced class focused on basic poses and transitions. Suitable for beginners and those new to yoga, individuals with health considerations or injuries, seniors, expectant moms, and experienced yogis looking for a simplified practice.


This course will provide a blend of the Pilates Matwork Level 1 with the Hatha Yoga method. Focus of the class will be on the development of core strength through the utilization of a variety of Pilates core exercise including the Plank series, Tabletop series, Fab Five series and the Roll-up series. Exercises and Hatha Yoga-based stretches are taught to encourage practice at home, on travel or in the office. There is a vital connection between the mind and the body. This yogilates class will encourage the use of this connection developing strength from the inside out.

Breathing & Meditation:

These practices are considered to be more advanced than any of the physical exercises. This 45 minute class begins with breathing exercises that prepare students for meditation. Various techniques will be used so that every participant can experience meditation, the most challenging aspect of yoga.

Yin Yoga:

Yin yoga is the practice of surrendering into yoga poses for extended periods of time, anywhere from 3-5 minutes. Although it is slower paced, it is full of challenges and new edges for students of all levels. Once the larger muscles relax into a pose, yin yoga works by loosening up fascia, connective tissue and ligaments. Come experience this mindful practice as a complement to your current practice or on its own!

Restorative Yoga:

This class brings together hatha yoga and restorative yoga. Restorative yoga is designed for relaxation and release in the body renewing and restoring the mind. Revitalizing and energizing this class will leave you ready for your weekend.

Candlelight Yoga

Candlelight yoga is a blend of low impact stretching, gentle movements and supported passive postures.  This class will focus on increasing body awareness, alleviating stress and releasing tension. All levels are welcome. 

Early Bird Yoga

Start your day off right with this invigorating and refreshing early morning asana class.  This class is designed to help you wake up and approach your day more positively.  Make this class a part of your morning routine and start your day feeling energized and inspired, because as we all know, the early bird that gets the worm. 

Morning Yoga Re-Set

This structured class starts with connecting to the breath, sacred-intention setting, and warming up the spine and major joints and muscle groups. Floor work, sequenced standing and balancing poses, and intuitive dynamic movement support a healing connection with the breath, body-mind strength, stability, awareness, and intention. First-timers and beginning levels are welcome and encouraged.

Lakshmi Puja

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Prosperity. Every Friday we perform a puja in honor of Lakshmi to receive her blessings. A puja is a ritual where japa (chanting of mantras) is recited and offerings are made to a diety. So join us and invite wealth and good fortune into your life!

Intermediate Yoga:

Suitable for any practitioner with a basic understanding of yoga asana, this class is designed to be accessible while pushing limits and preparing you to take your practice to new heights. Deepening strength, balance, flexibility,  and breath control, while encouraging play, self discovery, and mindfulness, this two hour class will give you the tools you need to develop increased internal communication, cultivate a safer, more personal practice, and find greater freedom and joy within your body.


A challenging class for advanced practitioners, teachers and those looking to advance their practice! This class offers more variations of classical postures and less direction so that students can work at their own pace. Please only consider attending the advanced class if you are able to hold a headstand away from the wall and push up into a full wheel/backbend.

Nadi Yoga

Nadi Yoga is the term used to describe the tools and processes cultivated and developed by Matt Huish over the period of his 25 plus years of practice. The Nadis are the "flow corridors" or subtle channels of the body. Nadi Yoga works to allow you to follow the internal guidance of our sensory and action organs back to the base level of sensation, which is rooted in our authentic self. Nadi Yoga utilizes many tools in addition to the classical mudras, such as powerful breath techniques and classical asana formats, done both in the style of tapasic held positions as well as dynamic moving forms. These tools help us to discover the pathways in our life’s expression that are blocked or stuck, helping us to free up bound energy and come into alignment with our authentic expression.

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