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Mapping Your Inner Terrain: Explore and Discover Your Body’s Borders

Join Maggie for an exploratory workshop excavating your depths.

The body sends us messages and signals all the time, and through yoga we can develop the body awareness to listen and respond.  Throughout this class, time will be devoted to creating an inner-spatial terrain map. We will explore our depths, valleys, and peaks through postural intersections, push our borders and boundaries to ascertain our unique patterns of movement, redesign and align, navigate through the spaces in the body that are uncharted, explore and discover. Participants can expect a class appropriate for all levels, challenging, yet accessible, and an equal balance of strengthening, stretching, flow, and relaxation. Journey inside the vast expanse of your body and map your inner terrain.

Saturday, September 29th 4-6:30PM

$25 advance registration; $30 day of

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