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To register: please email or text (505) 750-8526.  You will need to download Zoom onto your preferred device.  It is a free service for you to use.

A letter to the Sani Yoga Community from director, Maggie Siebert:

Dearest Community:

We have worked very hard over the years to establish an inclusive community and make yoga accessible and affordable to all.  It may come as no surprise that a community yoga studio operating on a slim budget already might be struggling to make it through these unprecedented, unpredictable, and challenging times.  As uncertain as these times are, we value your health and wellbeing above all things.  Therefore we will continue to offer online classes to keep you healthy and less stressed but not open the physical location anytime in the foreseeable future.  We are struggling to pay rent and bills and wanted to reach out to let you know how you can support us so that we can weather the storm and continue to have and maintain our physical location in downtown Albuquerque to offer yoga classes.

What you can do to support us:

  1. Go to a yoga class online.  This mutually beneficial contribution has always helped us sustain ongoing offerings and that’s still the case!  Keep coming to class and if you can afford to pay a little extra, please know the class cost is still $5 or $5+infinity!
  2. Buy a Sani Yoga t-shirt or tank.  They are still $15 and help support ongoing operations plus you get a cool item to add to your wardrobe.
  3. Make a donation to our rent and operations fund.  We have not yet paid rent for July and sadly may have to close our doors if our situation doesn’t improve.
  4. Share this.  Maybe you are not in a place to assist us financially but might have a friend who can.
  5. Take a private lesson online from your favorite instructor!  Or maybe your work would like to book a private session for their employees?

We love you Sani Yoga Community and we appreciate your support in whatever form!  Please contact the studio at info@saniyoga for more information or to register for a class.

With love,


Our mission is to make yoga affordable and accessible to all.

Our Hatha-Raja studio teaches beginning to advanced yoga classes
and specialty classes like Yogilates, Nadi Yoga, and Breathing & Meditation.

We offer $5 classes seven days a week at times that suit every schedule.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat soon. Om shanti shanti shanti.

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